miercuri, 7 septembrie 2016


Today, I made a sketch of 

"MATE environment on Kogaion Desktop 3 operating system".

There are also, other 3 presentations that have been made in romanian language.

I wait for your comments, directly on my sketch:

Romanian Presentation:

for MATE environment:

for Xfce environment:

for LXQt environment:

There have been added, also, in Kogaion warehouse, some games:

- xonotic

- Aisleriot (solitaire)

- urbanterror

- teeworlds

- supertuxkart

- Chromium BSU

- 0ad

- dosbox (that provides access to hundreds of DOS games)

The official announcement can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RogentOSLinux/

In addition, there can be used: PlayOnLinux and STEAM platforms

You can use or play, applications running under Windows.

Have fun with the facilities of Kogaion Desktop 3 operating system...

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